Martha Cove Marina


About Martha Cove, the web site, weather station and web cam.
Martha Cove
Situated at the base of Mount Martha and just inland of Safety Beach, Martha Cove is a residential and marina development located about a one hour drive south of Melbourne, Australia.  Latitude 38o 19' South, Longitude 145o 0' East.
Web Site Objective
The web site owner is a keen sailor and discovered that the weather at Martha Cove is very different to the weather at Melbourne, Mornington or further south. The objective of accessing real time Martha Cove weather via the web was achieved early on, and it just seemed logical to add in weather radar, marine traffic and other general info relevant to Martha Cove and boating in the area.
Technology Overview
A wireless weather station collects weather data and an IP camera captures video and still images which are stored on a computer for periodic upload to this web site.
Weather Station
The weather station comprises 3 solar powered modules which transmit data wirelessly to a console.  The first module is an anemometer and wind vane installed 10 metres above ground level and it reports wind speed and direction every 3 seconds.  The second module reports outdoor temperature, barometric pressure and rainfall at 12 to 24 second intervals.  The third module is a temperature probe suspended in the marina 1 metre below the water surface reporting water temperature every 12 seconds.  The console stores all data in a logger for periodic uploading to a local computer. 
The IP camera has PTZ and a 37x optical zoom lens.  The camera is configured to video continuously and to capture still images every 2 minutes and saves these to both an onboard SD card and to the local computer.  Custom software uploads a copy of the most recent image to this web site every 5 minutes between 7am and midnight and otherwise every 15 minutes.  The camera can detect motion and is configured to trigger a series of email alert messages. 
The computer runs 24/7 and is connected to the weather station data logger.  Software is configured to collect from the weather station console all weather data at 1 minute intervals and also produce wind charts at 10 minute and other charts at 15 minute intervals.  Immediately following these tasks the software creates and uploads new web pages to this web site.  A "rolling 48 hour" tide chart specifically for Martha Cove is also updated every 15 minutes by separate software and is uploaded to this web site every 30 minutes.  With a solid state hard disk and a fan-less CPU the computer has no moving parts, is silent and consumes minimal power.  The hard disk can store up to 5 years of weather data and camera images.
The camera is accessible remotely via a secure web browser to view live video images or adjust camera settings.  The (host) computer is accessible remotely via a secure (client) computer to review stored video and still images, adjust software settings or to change the web pages uploaded to this web site.  The camera connects via Cat5 cable and the computer connects wirelessly via a router to an 8MB/s ADSL2+ optic fibre internet service.
Given the above task intervals, current weather, wind direction and speed dials, and historical weather highs, lows and totals displayed are at most 5 minutes delayed.  Historical weather charts are at most 15 minutes delayed and tide charts are at most 45 minutes delayed (although the latter displays a rolling 48 hours at all times).  Still camera images are usually only 2 to 7 minutes delayed but may be up to 10 minutes delayed due to the challenges in synchronising the camera clock with the computer clock and image upload schedule.  For sailors keen to track wind speed and direction whilst out on the water there are special fast loading web pages (optimised for mobile phones) with wind data updated every 60 seconds and wind charts updated every 10 minutes - click on the links herein or visit the Links page.

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